Boxing The Greatest Sport Illustrates Uniting An Imperfect World

Muhammad Ali's Rumble In The Jungle Belt

Boxing does so much positive for worldwide society and civilization.

Pity old Popey doesn’t use any professional sport as much in his ‘messaging’. Shut it Popey. Giving it the big one about helping the poor when your sitting on more money than anyone knows in a place the exists itself within a country within a country. Do us a favor pipe down Popey man will yeah and drop the bloody ego too amigo. Church and State are separate and ‘religions’ (a word never in the original Hebrew Bible) as regards operations of governance of sovereign nations within the scope of protection of freedom of all religions, faith values and belief, by legal definition, under international, public, free law, like all human rights, are an unalienable human one within governance that cannot be removed at any time. No one will ever get rid of Almighty God. Impossible to do so. God is the creator of everything. His only son and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in the New Testament left his words in the New Testament Bible a little over 2000 years ago as simply basic instructions before leaving Earth (Bible). They and God have not changed. Nor ever will. Life is a test. This is the meaning of life in any perceived comprehension. Think about it. There must be a higher love. Down in the heart or hidden in the stars of above. Without it life is wasted time (in the elegant words of Whitney Houston, serious woman for sure, big respect). Can you pass the test that your creator, God, has set for you.


Boxing Beauty Grabs Attention At Lopez vs Kambosos

Boxing Beauty Grabs Attention At Lopez Vs Kambosos

With the greatest amount of respect, each to their own of course. Everyone has different beliefs. We are only a bunch of morons anyway. All of us. Insignificant surely in the big picture.

Each to their own.

People all 8 billion of them are unique and have individual different beliefs and values.

After all.

Wouldn’t the world be a boring place if humans didn’t.


Crawford vs Porter Judges Scorecards

Terence Crawford Vs Porter Judges Scorecards


After all is said and done.

Isn’t America built on immigrants.

That’s the reality of it.

Regardless of race, religion, creed or values.

No one knows it all and none of us perfect.

Forgiveness key to anything surely.


Edwin Valero

Watch: Documentary On One Of Boxing’s Darkest Characters Edwin Valero


Mike Tyson explains the difference between Muhammad Ali and him

Mike Tyson Explains The Difference Between Muhammad Ali And Him

Humans working together and peace the solution for sure but never confuse nationalism with respectful, peaceful patriotism though (for God and country) while acknowledging other people have different viewpoints and beliefs.

That’s what the Constitution is there for.

Any country that betrays their Constitution and Supreme Court betrays all their citizens, the law of the land and in doing so all of humanity. Nothing wrong within a democracy or legally testing of some of these richer Western countries at the moment to see if they actually are for the people like they say are, or not, maybe the universe has a way about showing them. What comes around goes around. That’s how it is.

Maybe they are about to find out what they are all about, sooner than they think, when the storm comes for them as some tough love, market correction in economic terms and disciplining for their own good:

Nor mistake forgetting a country’s original founding fathers that paved the way for people to actually have the freedoms they have today.

Get it.

Okay then.

Each to their own.

Don’t listen to us anyway, way more intelligent and more capable people out there for sure.

We’re dummies.


What Gervonta Davis Told The New Unified Champion

What Gervonta Davis Told The New Unified Champion

History only useful if learned from. We forgot old Popey is based in a sovereign legal entity of its own. That’s right. How are the lawyers over there. Okay then.

One that operates outside of Italy and Italians (some of the best people ever by the way, good people in all countries too of course). Italians and Italian Americans know what time it is. Aforementioned place that exists within it but outside of it, if that makes sense, worth a few bucks too eh, and you bang on about helping the poor all the time and are so big on protecting Jewish people. What was it a certain individual and/or but not limited to entity in the Vatican told America and Americans a few years ago. Some interesting articles here:

Do us a favor pal don’t fooking worry America or Americans. Worry about yourself. America will be fine and be able to protect itself and fight its own battles no bother, so with respect, back the fook off from telling America or Americans what to do anymore. While still kindly (like it always does even though it doesn’t bloody have to half the time frankly) helping all the other countries of the world. Everyone can kindly help one another other visa versa. No problem.


Brutal Reality Of Boxing Sees Fighter Nearly Die After Losing Belts

Brutal Reality Of Boxing Sees Fighter Nearly Die After Losing Belts

If this individual is so big on history why don’t you consult the end of the New Testament where it clearly outlines there is an end to history. No one knows the day or the hour but maybe you’d be well-advised to just a little bit, a tiny bit even, talk about it more — and casting out the devil and his minions more in the spiritual unseen world. We never hear you talk about them even though Jesus Christ the son of God talked about them so much in the New Testament and warns humanity for a reason. Understanding is needed. Share this with humanity if you actually give a fook about all people on this planet.


fight chief

Fight Chief Comes Up With New Positive Friday Food Idea

No one perfect though and maybe he should use his power to slightly incorporate the Book of Revelation more as a respectful observation. People are not the enemy.

It is the unseen in the spiritual world and the forces of darkness that can’t be seen surely.


Former World Champion Nearly Choked Out By Woman Fighter

Watch: Former World Champion Nearly Choked Out By Woman Fighter

Trying to be kind to all people is key to anything or any dialogue but the world often doesn’t allow for this as it and all humans are imperfect.

In old-school cockney London terms, these are the facts of life old Dutch (Acts 24:16 and Psalm 35:9 also quite brilliant on — spiritual evolution of Consciousness of all humans — say no to drugs legal in pharmacies or otherwise, in any shape or form, stay sober, God is the answer to everything — with respect — each to their own of course):


Brutal Humanity Of Boxing Illustrated In Heartbreaking Moment

Watch: Brutal Humanity Of Boxing Illustrated In Heartbreaking Moment

No one knows it all or has all the answers.

We’re idiots. Morons who don’t know anything. All anyone can do is their best in the end.

Moving on and back to what counts.

Boxing and boxing fans.

Boxing is truly the best sport in the history of the world.

It brings people together not divides them.


Watch: Borrero Spars Arias Before Hurd Fight and Mexican Boxing Thriving

Watch: Borrero Spars Arias Before Hurd Fight And Mexican Boxing Thriving

It lays bare the highs and lows of humanity and the voyage of life in all aspects.

Us boxing fans are lucky to be living in a time where the sport is once more thriving.

The boxers do the fighting in the ring.

Many boxers are some of the coolest, most interesting people you’ll ever meet.

In any country.


They are used to having life kick their behind a lot and overcoming adversity to succeed despite challenges.

That’s bloody why.

This recent moment and act of random kindness illustration enough surely:

Boxer In Spain Random Act Of Kindness For Opponent and Team

Boxer In Spain Random Act Of Kindness For Opponent And Team

At least some people and governments are trying to do stuff to help.

Sometimes crazy but often quite brilliant Musk a good example with trying to make life multi-planetary. Science and evolution (in always changing one day at a time for striving for improvement and better sense) — within the scope of the purpose of good for humanity — are not good things.

They are great things.


Claressa Shields Agrees With Conor McGregor On Something

Claressa Shields Agrees With Conor McGregor On Something

Climate change a lost cause at this stage though.

Surely the damage is already done but always striving to make things better surely correct mentality in any unilateral, cordial, international dialogue.

Anyway, each to their own.

Long live boxing.

Us boxing fans have so much to be grateful and thankful for.

Great time for the sport at the moment.


With Canelo Moving To Cruiserweight Old Fight Shows Old Saying Rings True

Canelo Moves To Cruiserweight Shows An Old Saying Still Rings True

Great couple of years these last two years for boxing.

Boxing hasn’t been lucky it has been blessed.

Down to the special boxers and great matchmaking of high quality fights for fans.

Roll on many, many more great years ahead too for boxing.

Let us as boxing fans always remember fondly the greatest fighter in all aspects that ever lived.

Muhammad Ali rest in peace:


Pre Fight Ritual Works Wonders For Boxer

Watch: Pre Fight Ritual Works Wonders For Boxer

In conclusion, we don’t usually write articles this long anymore.

Honor, principles, values and integrity are everything.

God cuts through and supersedes everything.

If you’re looking for God just remember, God was right there with you all along if you believe.


Boxer Stunned By Apparent Unsettling New Trend In Country Of Ireland

Boxer Stunned By Apparent Unsettling New Trend In Country Of Ireland

Dwelling in your heart.

That’s right where he’ll be.

And always will be.

A piece of God is left with you every step you take.

Each to their own.


Tyson Fury Undisputed Heavyweight Title Fight Takes New 2022 Turn

Tyson Fury Undisputed Heavyweight Title Fight Takes New 2022 Turn

God never leaves anyone behind.

Everywhere you go.

Always take the good weather with you everywhere you go 🙂


Chaotic Year For Champion Turns Out To Be Blessing In Disguise

Watch: Chaotic Year For Champion Turns Out To Be Blessing In Disguise