Boxer Stunned By Apparent Unsettling New Trend In Country Of Ireland

The world continues to find itself in a changing situation by the day.

No doubt about it.

While some things seem to be getting worse important to keep the faith, don’t take life too seriously (as it and this world are only short anyway) and remember one thing.

More good than bad exists.


Boxing The Greatest Sport Illustrates Uniting An Imperfect World

Boxing The Greatest Sport Illustrates Uniting An Imperfect World

Boxing has found itself like any sport or industry caught up in the world situation the last two years.

One of the sport’s new pound for pound stars has voiced concern over an apparent new trend in the country of Ireland:

With the greatest amount of respect, whatever your views or beliefs are pertaining to this ongoing world situation.

There is something rather off, troubling, unsettling and deeply disturbing in the tone and vibe of that video.

As for Taylor — his boxing career has taken off this year and continues to move forward upwards.

He will surely look to land one of the big fights in the USA in 2022.

Boxing has done outstanding through the world situation and continues to get stronger as a sport all the time.

Nice to see a return to Sunday night boxing this weekend for the Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis fight.

Roll on.


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