The word ‘great’ is thrown around a lot these days.

Like anything over time its meaning from its original meaning often changed or diminished.

But at its root core it still means the same fundamentally.

Muhammad Ali is known as ‘The Greatest’ in boxing circles embodies what it means.

Maybe for a combination of what he did in his lifetime.

Both in boxing and outside of boxing.

A ‘great’ person.

In the ring dynamite.

Fast hands, brains to burn and one overriding factor.

Something that cannot be defined often.

In boxing or in life.


Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson is perhaps one of boxing’s other most famous protagonists other than Ali.

In all of professional sport history.

Mike Tyson concedes however that Ali was just different:

“I always like to think that I’m a bad mother ******. A vicious mother ******. But that’s where he (Ali) over shines me because I can’t understand a man who’s literally willing to really die. I talk that ****. But he’s the real deal. He’ll die for this ****. I’m not going to die for this. Ali will fight you to the death. You have to kill him.”

He concluded:

“Ali’s a giant. There’s no other fighters that can match him.”

A giant of humanity.

Illustrated with his determination, kindness and heart:


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