war news today Russia Ukraine Israel war news updates sanctioned countries spiritual warfare and Christian end of the world Prophecy

war news today Russia Ukraine Israel war news updates sanctioned countries spiritual warfare and Christian end of the world Prophecy

Russia Ukraine War News, Iran and Israel War News, NATO, Pentagon and War News Updates (Updated Regularly)

Christianity and Spiritual War Connected To The War News In The World Today With Russia, Iran and Hamas Evil Wars Now Proven To Be Connected To War In The Nations and Israel

What is truth? Here it is.

What is actually true and more real than what you see now is Genesis in the beginning of The Old Testament in Adam and Eve right up to Revelation at the end of the New Testament are linked closely no one knows the day or the hour he returns. Please, please, please do not take a mark on your hand or forehead whether chip implant beneath the skin or whatever, whenever a future world leader will ask some to do so to trade, or for some free housing or health care or whatever who knows exactly. Even during the worst time in the history of this planet. At that time. As at that point, it will be a direct cut off from God, heaven and living forever (there is no coming back from it). God is the source of all things he thinks different to all of us people he knows best. God will go to crazy lengths to get his point across and everything in the Bible will have been proven again by that time. 

End Times Prophecy, The Rise of the Anti-Christ and The Return Of Jesus Christ

Only Jesus Christ can save you there is no other way to eternal life and heaven other than Christ Jesus. Do not under any circumstances take that mark as what is to come, the Kingdom on Earth and heaven in eternity and a new world after that 1000 years after is far more real than the reality you observe today in what is around you. Seriously. The global anti-Christ future world leader will initially come as a man of peace likely for the situation in the middle East or other conflicts. He will pretend to be a ‘man of peace’ and butter people up with bull crap flattery and fake kindness. Do not believe him. He will reveal his true motives exactly three and a half years through his rise to power. You are a powerful generation as followers of Christ Jesus –– you have power, exercise it, use the power you have been given, you have royal blood in your veins flowing through you right now as followers of Jesus Christ. The anti-Christ won’t call himself that but keep an eye on the UN or similar organizations at that time who knows when, as for him, he will be a charismatic person but he will be full of it and appear empathetic (rubbish term when used out of context). 

The last few years world situation travel QR codes, lockdowns and so forth and all the madness in the world all part of just his way of bringing in his system as the US dollar will need to fail internationally as the main currency traded by nations’ governments and the Rapture to have removed millions of people globally from the planet (maybe more) for him to have access to the idea of creating a one world government type system. Don’t believe him. He will be of the occult. Half way through exactly (3 and a half years into his reign specifically) he will gain more power and go from a man of peace to the worst man in history. See through him earlier than that and don’t take his mark on your hand or forehead which will be promoted by the Pope false prophet (the Argentinian fake Catholic Pope in the Vatican) through an ‘image’ likely using AI/tech/holograms of some sort to the globe and strange signs and things will con a small few people who don’t make it through the seven years in total. This man will be seen through by many and he will be wounded almost to the point of death during his reign but somehow will recover and some will be fooled by this, don’t be, don’t follow a small few of your friends or even family, God looks at us all as individuals on our journeys before we all meet him at the end. God is love. Love is repenting and sinning less than before and walking in the holy spirit and following his written word, no one is perfect, you are not perfect, just forgiven amen.

The Anti-Christ world leader however will be the opposite and have plans to destroy humanity. Even though in the beginning he will appear to be a man of peace. Expose him and his astral travel and astral projection dark rituals and those who do this. Name them all and where, how and what type of rituals they do. Go through their communications devices for this. Whether small shop workers or politicians, easy to do. Loads of free resources online and to name them individually one by one. As it is illegal what many of them do and are being arrested or militarily eliminated globally during wars in different regions all the time now.

Prayer really works. God will cut through the anti-Christ character and the false prophet and throw them into hell forever afterwards. The anti-Christ doctrine may sound something like the below (refer to below points on this page). No one will predict it right but be mindful of this kind of talk. Fake kindness basically. Test the spirits as there will be false miracles done. He will try to copy and imitate God but he can’t. It will burn him up inside towards his end. Why? God is the original creator and source of all things of all times. All the rest are just imitations. Only one God Jesus Christ.

At that time test fake science as there will be a manipulation on AI, science, data, fake holograms maybe and the anti-Christ may try to manipulate things like the human biology, anatomy and other aspects of science to peddle his rubbish. See through it all. There is nothing, nothing, he can do to stop God or anything with God at all. Not a single thing. Nothing. It is impossible to stop God and God’s will. We are on a prophetic timeline now in the 21st century influenced by God’s end times bible word.

The nation of Israel will at some point in time strike very lucrative oil/other resources and a depleted Russia and Iran will lead a group of nations to invade Israel out of jealousy of Israel’s always success, winning and always overcoming and conquering challenges and adversity (Gog and Magog Ezekiel 38). Russia and Iran will have been badly weakened by that point however and God will instantly crush them within seconds at that time. Right at the last minute. It will seem impossible but that’s the business God specializes in, miracles. They happen all the time. All around you right now.

Comparing evil to God is like comparing an ant (evil) against an elephant (God). There will be 144,000 Jews worldwide (that’s a small number of Jews worldwide) that will make it to heaven too after the 7 year tribulation and they will survive the tribulation and join us followers of Christ in heaven together. As no harm will be allowed come to them supernaturally. There will be a huge revival of Christianity worldwide during the tribulation after the rapture happens as this will all continue to be proven, like it is now, from beginning to end (then beginning again). The rapture of the church will likely be called an Alien abduction of millions and millions of people globally in the news and then shortly after it happens, then, the 7 year tribulation will take place and begin – the worst time of woes this planet has ever seen in its history – for 7 years exactly. God, Jesus Christ, will come back and save the day and world after that. It will give some a big shock when it happens but to most it won’t.

Look for things like the normalizing of relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia and other nations in the middle East. The Saudis will likely see through this fake Anti-Christ moron the first out of the Muslim world. This fake leader global anti-Christ individual maybe will try to use all these new peace deals to peddle ‘his man of fake peace, in-genuine empathy and in-genuine kindness’ fake rubbish. He will try to use it as that he is the peace maker (garbage). See through him.

Again, three and a half years through this Anti-Christ reign (exactly) you will know Jesus Christ again is really the only true God as bible prophecies including Ezekiel 38 will all show again and again the Bible and him is true, and, as the only truth. Jesus Christ is the only true King and Jesus Christ is Lord. It will be undisputed again, by this time, unrivalled and unchallenged, worldwide.

During the horrific tribulation of 7 years – directly oppose such works and spirits of evil during this time – live forever with God in Paradise instead. A much, much better choice.
Heaven or hell are forever – your life now is only temporary, think about that – the choice is yours. Join Jesus Christ and God in his eternal new kingdom where all things will be made brand new and old things will simply be no more when the new heaven and Earth are then created after Christ’s 1000 year reign on the Earth.

Do not believe fake peace ploys and doctrines and so on like this during the tribulation of 7 years: ‘Building peace means initiating and sustaining processes of development to eliminate poverty, to defeat hunger, to guarantee health and care‘… Rubbish – don’t believe the Argentinian native fake Catholic Pope. He will be the last Pope ever like the prophets said. Italians are some of the best people you will ever meet but the evil started in the ‘Roman’ Catholic church after Christ was here years ago in the flesh. China and the Vatican the root of the evil you see around you today (mostly).

Spiritual Warfare Specifics

Also for people who try to curse other people and proof of the evil on a practical level – observe people who do some of the following who are evil garbage – less than dogs - morons:

October 8, 2023

Weak Iranian Backed Terrorists Hamas From Palestine Launch Cowardly Surprise War In Israel That They Cannot and Will Not Win As They Kill Innocent Israelis and Take Hostages – God Will Cut Them Down – Turn On The Lights Amen

(Photo courtesy of the Israel Defence Forces)

This weekend an Iranian backed terrorist organization known as ‘Hamas’ in Palestine launched a cowardly attack on Israel – killing innocent people, taking hostages and trying to surprise Israel and its allies.

It has not worked.

God will do worse than what they did to Israel. Far worse. Just like Russia will be far worse off than Ukraine. As we have said and predicted right the way through from beginning to end.

Once again as we have predicted all the way through on here, the spiritual war from the axis of evil of Russia and Iran against Israel is once again all happening as Jesus Christ prophesied it would (Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom) when he was here in the flesh a couple thousand years ago and after through his prophet Ezekiel 38 in the Bible.

The morons over the years who funded these terrorists will (and are currently all the time not reported in the news in places on this planet you least suspect who are being hunted like dead dogs) pay a dear price no matter where they are.

Now is the time to remain calm.

Israel’s allies, of which there is many in the Middle East, and the East and West at large, must ensure Israel strike a calculated, calm, crushing blow on the terrorists.

Just like Ukraine and their allies are doing to Vladimir Putin’s Russian occupier terrorists in Belarus and Ukraine.

Palestine and Iran are both clearly a threat to all Middle East nations now as the Saudis and others now see that Iran and Palestine now clearly linked. The Middle East must cut ties with Iran and Palestine fully.

Moreover, the Biden administration in the United States of America must free up all support necessary for Israel to defend itself with lethal force granted and applied appropriately and swiftly this weekend amen.

The year is 2023, the date is October 8th, at this particular time God is separating the sheep from the goats at the moment. It is all happening now as Jesus Christ said it would when he was here in the flesh many years ago.

Apostle Matthew is very important in these times in prophesies. Good always defeats evil.

The term above refers to Jesus Christ’s prophecy in the New Testament (Matthew 25:32) whereby the sheep will sit on God’s right hand (and find salvation – be saved and get to heaven forever) and the goats will sit on the left (and be sent to damnation and hell forever).

You can’t get yoked with an unbeliever.

There are way more people in heaven of all the people of all times on Earth than in hell. Way more. Don’t go to hell. God doesn’t want you to. Everyone that is there now does not want to be there. It is never what people think it is. It is far worse. You don’t want to go there, trust us.

Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven other than the 144,000 Jews who will make it there too during the 7 year precisely tribulation.

Do not take that mark of the beast during the 7 year tribulation under any circumstance from a future world leader who will emerge. He cannot defeat God.

God bless Israel and the United States of America, the true followers of Christ Jesus Worldwide in all nations and the 144,000 real Jews worldwide turn on the lights amen.

It is finished.

By Boxing Clever

May 23, 2023

Google CEO Sundar Pichai Must Immediately Cease Operating Google AI Platform Bard During Time Of War For Civilization, It Is A legitimate Threat To Civilization, Or Google Will Lose Court Action Against US Government and Be Broken Up As A Company Worldwide In Government Litigation In Various Countries As America and US Dollar Set To Burn At Some Point

AI maybe used by the Anti-Christ when he appears at some point so as we see it, only Google are the main company who can control it ethics and ability wise.

Google are a slightly above average company overall but they have got things badly wrong recently, again.

From many employees leaving the company to their highly meticulous litigation against them from the US Department of Justice are preparing that no lawyer on Earth will be able to stop for Google.

Not to mention all the other governments litigating against Google. Out of any corporation, they are the only one with enough ethics and ability to maybe control AI as it moves on.

The biggest mistake they have made by far, however, by some margin, too, is with their new AI (Artificial Intelligence) platform called Google Bard.

It is a complete disaster. Seriously. Don’t believe the hype.

Over a time frame of about one month in Ukraine we tested it rigorously, without agenda, unbiased, as one of the first testers of (real) AI in the world with the following results:

By  Boxing Clever


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