Canelo Moves To Cruiserweight Shows An Old Saying Still Rings True

With Canelo Moving To Cruiserweight Old Fight Shows Old Saying Rings True

The bigger they are the harder they fall.

David beat Goliath after all.

Canelo Alvarez is boxing’s best current fighter and biggest star and will attempt to go all the way up to cruiserweight next year and win the WBC title.

A daunting task but very achievable and realistic at the same time.

Boxing has produced time and time upsets from smaller fighters beating bigger ones.

Filipino Manny Pacquiao battering Mexican Antonio Margarito springs to mind:

Great Scott:

But another one goes way back.

Much before that even.

Perhaps this from Jack Dempsey one of the earliest examples:

Alvarez is pound for pound number for one at the moment for a reason.

While Crawford’s win at the weekend was excellent — until he beats Spence or visa versa — neither will be able to realistically claim the number one spot.

Fair point from boxing writer Dan Rafael on the current state of play as regards Alvarez’ resume today:

His old promoter and former multi-weight world champion Oscar De La Hoya also wishing Alvarez will in recent days on the move to cruiserweight:


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