Beautiful Letter Emerges Written By Muhammad Ali To Frank Bruno

Muhammad Ali God rest him may not be with us anymore but even from the grave, the impact he had not just on boxing, but humanity as a whole, is still being felt.

He taught so many people around the world about so many things. How to respect and love people, namely.

In the ring he was dynamite, a man with as fast hands and feet that the sport of boxing has ever seen.

An ability to take punishment when he had to, too much so in the end, but a terrific athlete who dished plenty of it out to some of the best heavyweights in history too.

A winner at his inner core.

Boxing is like one big family really and when Ali heard that former heavyweight champion of the world Frank Bruno was in trouble in the past one time, this is the letter (which has only surfaced now) he wrote, in true Ali humour:

Amazing stuff from an amazing human.

Even in his written word his personality comes across as unique and distinctly as it did anywhere else.

Frank Bruno nowadays is doing much better mind you.

After been diagnosed with Bi-Polar Disorder in the past Bruno like all great boxers, battled back in life and is fit and healthy once again.

Ali died a few years back but his teachings, phrases and amazing fight footage lives on, and will do forever.