The Amir Khan presser certainly grabbed headlines this week around the world for all the wrong reasons following a glass getting thrown by Amir Khan at opponent Phil Lo Greco.

The antics were among the more bizarre this week, even by boxing press conference standards.

They took on a life of their own when Canadian Phil Lo Greco started getting personal with Amir Khan and mentioning his wife at one point.

Khan wasn’t having any of it and chucked a glass of water at him for his troubles.

In the middle sat promoter Eddie Hearn, who looked like he was almost been man handled by the two boxers to separate them during the altercation.

The folks at the BBC however thought Hearn was actually the bouncer of the event, enjoy this little faux pas:

Everyone makes mistakes though, oh yes they do.

But when a giant like the BBC makes them mere mortals can see that no matter how big a company is, their staff are well, less than perfect, like us all.

On a boxing note, the fight between the two men who matter Khan and Lo Greco will take place on April 21st at the Liverpool Arena in the UK in Khan’s first fight in nearly two years.

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