Watch: Weird Batman and Superman Altercation At Amir Khan Comeback Presser

The Amir Khan comeback presser is underway today ahead of the world boxing star returning to the ring on April 21st in Liverpool’s Echo Arena.

Boxing, you never cease to amaze me.

Unknown to many today, two fighters (Tommy Coyle and Sean Dodd) dressed up as Batman and Superman at today’s press conference announcing Amir Khan vs Phil La Greco that will take place on April 21st.

Boxing has always been a bit of a carnival the last few years, but the following footage that emerged suggests today’s scuffle was very real as it came from people who were not even on the table at the press conference and were clearly trying to get at the boxers physically, before security broke things up:

It’s almost if boxing decides to itself with each year that passes, how can we make our sports press conferences even more nutty and unusual than we did the year before?

Surely the promoters sit down around a table and plan some of this. Real pantomime stuff, but it sells.

As for Amir Khan he’s been on the receiving end of a torrent of abuse from Canadian Phil La Greco so far.

Judging by this press conference today, expect much more it to come in the coming weeks, too.