McGregor Checks Mayweather’s Family Alongside His Young Son

Conor McGregor has been hanging back in recent weeks in light of the latest round of verbal abuse from Floyd Mayweather online, but boy, he’s reacted tonight and has killed the internet with re-tweets.

When it comes to social media, love him or hate him, you just can’t deny that Conor McGregor is very, very good at it.

Giving back and forth online verbal abuse is something he’s a master at, a genius at even.

Floyd Mayweather posted a video himself in an MMA cage earlier and McGregor has taken the opportunity to tell him and his family:

“F*** the Mayweathers.”

Indeed, it was a term that almost went global in the run up to their boxing match last August.

A fight McGregor ultimately got stopped inside the distance in.

Whether we see McGregor in the sweet science again remains to be seen.

But the cynic in this writer suspects that both he and Mayweather, like they were before their boxing match, are still in friendly communication behind the scenes in a bid to build some sort of future event with one another again.

In some shape or form.

Co-promotions between the two down the road could very well be a possibility too.

(Photo credit: Conor McGregor Twitter)