Katie Taylor Irish Nationality

Sky Make Embarrassing Mistake About Katie Taylor Irish Nationality

Good ol Sky, despite their giant size and usually superb…

- 2 years ago
Katie Taylor Made To Work

Katie Taylor Docked Point and Made To Work Hard In First World Title Defence

Katie Taylor had locked herself away for months in the…

- 2 years ago
conor benn brawl

Boxing Fans Blown Away By Conor Benn Brawl

Tonight's Conor Benn brawl was one of the best 6…

- 2 years ago
Conor Benn Next Fight Date

Clip Shows Ferocious Exchange Of Conor Benn Fight Of The Year Candidate

Tonight's Conor Benn fight of the year contender for anyone…

- 2 years ago
Josh Kelly Impresses Again

Josh Kelly Impresses Again With Classy Display Over Michel Hamilcaro

23 year old Josh Kelly continued to show promise tonight…

- 2 years ago
Conor Benn Knocked Down

Watch: Conor Benn Knocked Down For The First Time In His Career

Conor Benn knocked down in what not his best performance…

- 2 years ago
Conor Benn Gets Up

Conor Benn Gets Up From Knockdown In Fight Of The Year Contender To Win Decision

Conor Benn overcame Frenchman¬†Cedrick Peynaud tonight but was made to…

- 2 years ago