Looking Back At Canelo’s Top 5 KO’s Ahead Of GGG Rematch

Lets take a quick stroll down memory and watch back Canelo’s top five knockouts ahead of his rematch against Gennady Golovkin on September 15th.

He’ll be hoping to add another one to the list that night of course but in his heart of hearts, he probably knows knocking out Golovkin is unlikely.

If he’s to win he’ll need to win a decision and to do that he’ll be focusing on boxing and winning every round.

Bit by bit.

No one has come close to even hurting Golovkin after all, let alone knocking him out, so there’s no form to believe this will happen.

The folks at BT Sport YouTube (hat tip) have put together this excellent summary of Canelo’s best five knockouts to date:

Some real humdinger punches in there.

For me, the Amir Khan knockout probably stands above the rest by quite some margin.

The sheer cleanness he caught him with, the shoulder rotation and leverage he delivered the blow with was a thing of brutal savagery that only an apex sweet science practitioner like Canelo is capable of.

Of course, it’s also important to note Khan moved up two weight classes for the fight as a natural welterweight, so he was always going to be up against it to be fair.

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