Tony Bellew Reacts To Getting Forced To Confront Fear Of Heights

In a moment of what can only be described as sheer cruelty by a television game show in the UK, boxer Tony Bellew who was clearly terrified of heights, was raised high into the air on an unsteady rig, which was then tilted so he had to do sit ups and then, at the end, getting unceremoniously dumped off the contraption while coming close to hitting the floor.

How he didn’t have a heart attack was a miracle.

Obviously Bellew was never going to hit the floor but the audience and people on the show sure got a kick out of his torture.

Here’s what happened:

Bloody hell…

Better you than us, Tony.

The Liverpool boxer has reacted to the ordeal by saying:

From a boxing perspective, Bellew is expected back in the ring before the end of the year to challenge undisputed cruiserweight champion Oleksandr Usyk for all four world title belts.

Bellew’s last two fights have been wins against David Haye up at heavyweight this year and last.