Floyd Mayweather might be 41 but it’s the same old ‘Money’ in many ways.

I knew yesterday when thinking about this thing today that he was going to pull something — and he has.

He’s over two hours and counting late for his boxing exhibition match this morning in Japan and many believed the event had been called off and that Mayweather would not turn up.

Not at all.

He’s pulled a last minute marketing master stroke for his gentleman’s club in Las Vegas in terms of promoting it to make sure people watch the fight there who are in town in Vegas for new year’s eve,

Here’s the time (local Vegas time on the West coast of the USA) that the fight will be kicking off straight from the Mayweather Instagram account itself:

You have to hand it to him in terms of his marketing ability, hats off in that regard.

As for the ‘fight’ lets see what happens in a while with that.

The fight is still going ahead and at this time is currently on a transmission break.