Floyd Mayweather Update: Boxing Fans React New Year’s Eve Fight Delay

Floyd Mayweather Update Boxing Fans React New Year's Eve Fight Delay

When Floyd Mayweather arrived in Tokyo, Japan a couple of days ago he looked tired and not very interested in the whole thing.

This morning ahead of his scheduled three round boxing exhibition he firstly no showed the opening ceremony for the event of which his opponent Tenshin turned up to.

As of the time of this article, Mayweather is over two hours late for the fight and has not still being confirmed to have turned up to the venue.

Event organizers have been on a long transmission break over the last hour with apparently two more fights left on the Rizin card to go before Mayweather’s three round boxing match.

It is not clear how long the delay will go on for or if Mayweather is asleep at his hotel or actually going to turn up today.

In my view, this is just to build things up and make the event bigger but who knows just yet.

Here’s what people have been saying so far: