Pacquiao vs McGregor Fight Takes A Step Closer Towards Reality

Boxing Fans React To Pacquiao vs McGregor Fight Being Made

It has been confirmed in recent days that Manny ‘Pacman’ Pacquiao has linked up with the same management company as UFC star Conor McGregor.

The Irish mixed martial arts star recently returned to winning ways in the Octagon with an emphatic win over Donal Cerrone.

Going into the bout he also remained adamant that he also wants to return to the boxing ring.

The only outing McGregor had in a pro boxing so far resulted in a TKO loss to Floyd Mayweather a couple of years back but McGregor did win some early rounds in what was an entertaining spectacle overall.

For what it was. A bit of fun, a carnival.

McGregor also intimated recently that he wants to go after a pro boxing world title one day after returning to his old boxing coach Phil Sutcliffe in Dublin, Ireland as part of his current MMA training.

With Pacquiao returning to form in recent years and currently holding a world title talks of a showdown between the two popped up.

McGregor fights for the UFC under the leadership of Boston’s Dana White, who has said they also are getting into boxing at some point.

So, a fight between the two most definitely is a realistic possibility.

Particularly now with Pacquiao working with McGregor’s management company.

Expect more on this sooner rather than later.