Watch: Mayweather Batters and Destroys Japanese Foe In New Year’s Eve Fight

Mayweather Batters and Knocks Out Japanese Foe In New Year's Eve Fight

Floyd Mayweather turned up late to today’s fight in Japan in a three round exhibition bout but when he did he destroyed his kickboxing / MMA opponent Tenshin.

It was supposed to be an exhibition bout but Mayweather came out swinging (and smiling) as he proceeded to batter his much smaller and less skilled foe.

It was pretty much like the Conor McGregor circus in that he just kept his hands forward walked forward and let his hands go until he found the target.

Here’s what happened:

And more:

A rather underwhelming affair really in what proved to be a little bit of entertainment on New Year’s Eve this year.

Mayweather reiterated that he’s till retired after the fight.

More than anything it was simply business for him as he made a cool $9 million for a little over two minutes work.

Fair play in that regard.