Perhaps the best person to possibly gauge the upcoming fight between Manny Pacquiao and Adrien Broner is a fighter who has shared the ring with both.

Jessie Vargas knows what it’s like to step in there with both men and ahead of the fight he commented on who hits harder and who he believes will win.

Speaking to EsNews, Vargas said:

“Pacquiao-Broner? I think Pacquiao takes it. I think he’s the more experienced fighter of the two. I’d have to say Pacquiao takes it. Who hits harder? I’d say Pacquiao is the stronger fighter and faster and more explosive. Two different fighters, you can’t really compare them because they fight differently. It’s two different styles. When it comes to defensive, they’re both good, they’re defensive, Pacquiao’s just faster in everything he does.”

He added:

“Manny Pacquiao is on another level because he’s fast, explosive, he’s very versatile and he fights with different angles, you know. Manny Pacquiao has to win as well, he wants to prove himself. If he wins this fight he fights Floyd Mayweather so he has an extra incentive to win this fight. Either way you look at it it’s a good fight.”

Pacquiao vs Broner is expected to be announced formally at a press conference in the next week or two.

(Photo source and credit: BoxNation YouTube)