A lot of reports and tweets have been flying about over the last day surrounding undefeated boxing prospect Ryan Garcia.

The reports are to do with former pound for pound boxing king turned promoter Floyd Mayweather offering Garcia $200,000 if he beats one of his prospects in his stable.

If he were to do so, according to Mayweather, he would then make a fight with him against his prized fighter Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis.

The whole thing stems from this where Mayweather and Gervonta Davis laugh off the threat of Garcia to TMZ:

A big fight for sure if Davis vs Garcia could be made but one you’d imagine while getting talked about won’t actually get made anytime soon.

Both guys are still very young and to be fair to Mayweather above, Davis has accomplished a lot more so far and proven himself more in terms of winning titles compared to the opposition Ryan has faced just yet.

Garcia for his part responded to the above saying he wants $1 million for the fight with Davis if he were to take up the Mayweather offer above.

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