Ricky Hatton Shreds Deontay Wilder’s Fight Style

UK boxing legend Ricky ‘The Hitman’ Hatton is not impressed by the fighting style of WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder.

While he concedes he has the one punch knockout power to stop his friend Tyson Fury in their upcoming bout expected to happen in December, he sees many holes in his game.

Speaking to IFL TV, Hatton said:

“Technically he does so many things wrong, technically. He’s got that murderous straight hand but sometimes the way he boxes and the way he tries to set up his attacks, you wouldn’t teach a 12-year-old novice to attack like Wilder does. He’s all over the show sometimes.”

He later added:

“No disrespect to Deontay Wilder but as a boxing person he’s like a chicken with no head.”

As a clash of styles, it is a very extreme clash.

Both guys are the polar opposite in many ways.

Both are awkward for different reasons but on the whole it seems like the power of Wilder vs the boxing ability of Fury.

The Wilder vs Fury fight is expected to be formally announced next Monday at a press conference in London with all details regarding date and venue included.

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