Its been a lifetime of work for Tony Bellew ahead of tonight’s final chapter in his boxing career but no one can ever deny that he’s not given it his all.

A man counted out more times than most.

Bouncing back from near bankruptcy in the middle of his professional boxing career to then go on to become world champion and upset pay per view attraction Dave Haye twice, tonight is the final challenge left for the Liverpudlian.

Winning all four belts at cruiserweight would be some way to bow out of the sport in fairness.

Speaking in a media scrum ahead of tonight’s fight, Bellew revealed something that not many might know about him:

“I only gave myself the name Tony Bellew when I was 17 years old. I only done it to impress me father because everyone knows me dad as Tony and I wanted to fight like him to do him proud. That’s the only reason I done it. My name’s not Tony, it’s Anthony Bellew. That’s who I am. On Sunday that’s who I’m going back to. Anyone that knows me calls me Anthony. It all ends on Sunday.”

Just one more day for him now and back to normal life and no longer the nutty life of being a world title level boxer.

Hopefully tonight’s final chapter will be an exciting fight.