Carl Frampton spent some time in the company of David Haye during his career when the two shared the same trainer at one point.

Both Frampton and Haye at one particular time worked under Shane McGuigan, father of Barry McGuigan, and got to spend time around one another in and out of the gym.

Often times over the years Haye came in for some flack from the media and fans for various reasons.

Some relating to pullouts of fights.

Others relating to the infamous toe excuse after losing to Wladimir Klitschko.

But that aside, Haye in most of his fights was always involved in exciting bouts to watch for the most part.

He gave a huge deal to the sport and to fans when you look on his career on the whole, not on just one or two of the bad moments – which every career has at the end of the day.

Speaking on social media today Carl Frampton revealed what Haye was really like in his eyes:

“I was lucky enough to train alongside David Haye for a while, but the man that is sometimes portrayed in the media is not the man that I got to know. He was always very generous to me and I’ll remember that. An amazing career. Good luck in retirement big man.”

Well said Carl Frampton.