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David Haye Vows To Become World Champion Again In 2017

Former WBA heavyweight champion David Haye vows to become champion once again next year.

Since his re-induction into professional boxing this year David Haye has joined forces with one of the world’s most renowned young trainers today in Shane McGuigan.

Son of famed boxer Barry McGuigan, Shane has proven his ability by helping current IBF featherweight world champion Carl Frampton become a two-weight world champion and remain undefeated in his professional career to date.

This consistent improvement with Frampton was spotted by David Haye before making the decision to hook up with him and it appears so far at least that it likes to have been the right decision – with Haye making short work of two over matched foes in 2016 so far.

Rumors in boxing circles at the moment is that Haye is lining up a credible opponent for December 10th that will see him then (if he wins) in pole position to challenge for a world title in 2017.

Haye is a man who has evoked both positive and negative sentiment (Shannon Briggs’ latest tirade towards Haye today) in his career but love him or hate him, he is always value for money and in exciting fights.

His high knockout ratio and fast hands and feet for a heavyweight will mean that if he stays injury free over the next few years that he should have more than enough ability left to still mix it near the top of the heavyweight division.

Speaking to Steve Lillis of BoxNation Haye spoke of his positive outlook for next year:

“It’s exciting times for me. The fact that I’m in the gym everyday, the fact I’m healthy and the fact that as it appears that the heavyweight division is kind of in disarray at the moment but you know I’m in a good place. I know that in 2017 I will be world champion again. I’m very, very confident of that.”

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