Gennady Golovkin has been given one final offer from Canelo Alvarez’s promoter Golden Boy Promotions to take the rematch this year.

The negotiations between the two since the original rematch fell out last May due to a failed drugs test by Canelo have been painful to put it mildly.

After Canelo received a reduced ban of six months dated retrospectively everything was set for the two to finally face off this coming September.

Not the case however.

A bigger split of the revenue is what Golovkin and his team wanted following Canelo failing the drugs test and at long last the split number is now known.

It was thought initially Golovkin was on originally around 35% of the total takings for the rematch, but he now has until tomorrow at noon (June 13th) to accept a 57.5%-42.5% split in favor of Canelo according to ESPN.

While not the original 50-50 deal they demanded, this still seems like an overall big increase and overall win for Golovkin in the negotiations.

If he doesn’t accept it is has also been reported that Canelo will move on to face Danny Jacobs instead on September 15th.

Fight fans will be hoping he accepts for what will still be one of the biggest fights of 2018 if it goes ahead.

Despite all the waiting and controversy surrounding it so far this year.