The Only Way To Stamp Out Boxers Popping For Steroids and PEDs

The Only Way To Stamp Out Boxers Popping For Steroids and PEDs-compressed (1)

It has been a topic that has existed for quite some time now in boxing.

That of which boxers being caught cheating for steroids or performance enhancing drugs.

Categorized by the relevant jurisdiction a fighter is competing in.

The only logical answer at the end of it all, with the issue still being a problem, not just in boxing, but in all professional sport, seems to be random testing.

This puts the onus on the athlete who might be cycling on or off substances out of competition to be tested year round.

Often times it has been reported that the athlete gets the benefit out of a cycle months before competition.

Before then weaning off the substances before a fight.

Cost has been a barrier to implementation as random testing is not cheap and can come out of a promoter’s budget for an event.

Essentially out of a fighter’s pay day.

But it is worth it for the health and safety of both boxers at the end of the day.

Obviously big name fighters are more in a position to do this.

As well as established promoters.

But perhaps from a regulation standpoint, more can be done to implement this in fight contracts across the board across all governing bodies for world title fights.

Maybe more economies of scale bulk buying can also be negotiated and looked for to reduce cost across the sport.

Anytime you have money involved in something like sport there will always be this element.

It seems like random testing across the board is the only thing that works at this point to be fair.


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