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Blonde Bombshell Grabs Attention On Transgender Athletes In Women’s Boxing

Boxing is a contact sport.


Where sometimes, on rare occasions, injuries sadly do happen.


That’s the nature of the sport.

And in all sports to be fair.

That being said, the medical side of boxing has been improved immeasurably.

Particularly in recent decades.

The safety in boxing is there for all to see nowadays for athletes that compete.

One topic that arose recently was on what if transgender athletes compete in women’s professional boxing in the future.

One of boxing’s good guys and respected former fighter Enzo Maccerineli said the following in terms of protecting women.

Including that of protecting two of our sport’s well known women Ebanie Bridges of Australia and Natasha Jonas of the UK for instance:

Bridges, who has brought prominence to women’s boxing this year in high profile fights, said very respectfully in reply which has grabbed a lot of attention:

Never have anything against anyone in life of course, each to their own, be kind and friendly to every human in all nations and never judge anyone. Treat others how you would like to be treated and love thy neighbor as thy self at the end of the day is a direct command from God.

With respect, this specific topic she references above falls within sport. There is an appropriate balance to everything.

Professional sport no less.

Particularly in such an unforgiving one as professional boxing. Boxing is the hurt business at the end of the day. Any perceived unfair advantage at all can have serious health consequences.

Of course men are stronger than women. Obviously.

Female boxing sensation Bridges pointed to this from experience in the ring directly:

Bridges returns to action this summer after two high profile bouts so far in 2021.


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