When Two Giants Met, One From Boxing The Other From TV

At the weekend it was reported that legendary Italian-American actor James Gandolfini has now been dead eight years.

Where does the time go at all.

Known for his role as Tony Soprano in the hit HBO TV series ‘The Sopranos’ Gandolfini was not only a titan in acting, but in popular culture.

A quiet gentle giant in real life away from his work. His incredible talent only matched by his kindness and admiration from his small circle of people who knew him best.

Unlike legendary boxer Muhammad Ali, who enjoyed fame, Gandolfini while a more introverted character, shared one common undisputable trait with Ali.

His kindness and humanity.

Not many know, that Ali once surprised him and indeed the entire Sopranos set one day to which was reported to have totally caught Gandolfini by surprise.

Reported on the Joe Rogan podcast as saying they woke Gandolfini in his dressing room — with Ali right there — to which he replied:

Holy ****!”

The above photo of the two a great moment in time between two of humanity’s great individuals.


Two humble men who never professed to be perfect, like everyone else, and always worked on their weaknesses. Inspirations without doubt in boxing and further afield.

Eight years gone from this world but no doubt up in heaven right now kicking it and enjoying eternal life.

Rest in peace James Gandolfini:


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