The Water Bag Boxing Workout Often Overlooked Despite Hidden Benefits

Water Bag Boxing Workout

The heavy bag or traditional punching bag is considered the most steadfastly beneficial in boxing universally in gyms across the world.

However, many often overlook the water bag boxing benefits in workouts both for amateur and professional boxers.

As shown here by boxing trainer Pat Barry of Barry’s Boxing Las Vegas, and a budding professional fighter who just missed out on this year’s Olympics for the USA, there are many hidden benefits to its use:

(Hat tip Fit Builders YouTube)

Impressive to say the least.

As you can see the boxing water bag’s benefits are plentiful.

From preventing an injury to the tools of a boxer’s trade, their hands, hand injuries can be avoided.

Largely as a boxer can throw from any angle and in particular useful for the upper cut.

It also allows his coach to have a better angle and view in live time of how a fighter is punching and correct form and mistakes in real time if necessary.

It allows the boxer to have a more realistic target too in terms of simulating a fighter’s target.

But as the coach mentions above, still an additional tool to the heavy bag.

Also useful for young boxers who a coach would not like to take a risk on damaging their hands early days into their boxing training.


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