Blonde Bombshell Reacts To Floyd Mayweather Logan Paul

Blonde Bombshell Reacts To Mayweather Paul

While the whole Mayweather Paul boxing exhibition may have angered many over the weekend, it is important to remember it was just entertainment.

Not professional boxing.

Not anywhere remotely close.

Some professional boxing action on the undercard though.

In terms of the main event, no record was kept of the bout in terms of a winner, loser or draw.

Indeed, one of women’s boxing’s new stars Ebanie Bridges of Australia seemed to take it for what it was:

Mike Tyson also made reference to the difference in size between the two.

That’s that for now.

Fair play to the two on the pay days.

Back to real boxing moving forward.

Until one of these guys fights a professional boxer, it is not professional boxing.

Merely entertainment.


On This Day In 1925 Gene Tunney Won By Knockout

On This Day In 1925 Gene Tunney Won By Knockout

If it entertains a few, fair play.

Each to their own.

Nothing to be paid too much attention to.

A net effect of zero on boxing.

Neither positive or negative.


Of no consequence.


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