We spoke about Gene Tunney on here recently as one of only five heavyweight champions to ever retire without being stopped as a professional.

A former heavyweight champion known as ‘The Fighting Marine’.

He retired from boxing with a professional record of 65-1-1-48 KO.

This time back in 1925 on June 5th he showed his metal in the ring.

Knocking out Tommy Gibbons at the Polo Grounds in New York:

A supremely strong left hook and straight right hand, and the relaxed, free-flowing nature of his work clearly evident that night.

Tunney, even then, showed a lot of craft in how he applied his boxing skills for that time.

The doubling up of the jab at mid range to set up his attacks while also using the jab as a range finder, and on the back foot at times, helped in establishing distance control.

The jab was absolutely key there and showed how important a punch it is in boxing.

Still, to this day, the most important punch.


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