Canelo Reacts To Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul

canelo reacts to floyd mayweather vs logan paul

After tonight’s fight Floyd Mayweather pointed to his legacy in boxing already being cemented and that tonight was just for entertainment and business.

A freak show really. Nothing more.

He also mentioned that Logan Paul was good at grappling when asked why he didn’t look to knock him out.

You don’t know though, perhaps there was a clause in the exhibition saying he would not go for a knock out. It was just an exhibition at the end of the day. Not a fight.

He could have, if he wanted to, done serious damage to Logan Paul.

At anytime.

From a boxing perspective, Luis Arias had a win over former world champion Jarrett Hurd on the undercard.

Winning a split decision. As we thought going into it, Arias could be one to watch for the future in the year or two ahead.

Former world champion Badou Jack also had a stoppage win tonight on the undercard.

All in all though, Canelo Alvarez perhaps said it best for boxing fans in terms of the depressing nature of the whole thing tonight from a boxing standpoint:

All in all, it was just an exhibition.

Nothing more.

Alvarez is expected to fight again in the coming months.

Something to look forward to.


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