Mike Tyson Reacts To Floyd Mayweather Boxing Exhibition

Mike Tyson Reacts To Floyd Mayweather Boxing Exhibition

The Floyd Mayweather exhibition this past weekend has been reported to have not sold as much on pay per view as it previously was expected.

Not surprised given the lack of story line or entertainment-value for the casual sport fan market in America.

This was different.

It was an attempt at cashing in on a YouTuber’s fan base which are not necessarily sports fans.

Hence the results.

It was just entertainment for a few at the end of the day and the undercard had some actual boxing on it.

Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson has given his reaction to the event:

(Hat tip Fight Hype YouTube)

Exhibitions are nothing new and the concept of no knockouts being allowed or announced outcomes of win, lose or draw, should be clearly communicated to fans ahead of them to not provide inaccurate expectations of what to expect.

Basically, don’t expect anything from them.

They are not real. They are just a bit of fun for a few and some entertainment. That’s all.

Not worth talking about really from a boxing context, unless they actually provide enough story line or entertainment value for the wider casual sports fan market.

A YouTuber’s fanbase isn’t always part of that market.

Making money is always important but never to the excessive greed point of selling your soul to the devil.

After all, there is a balance to everything.

All in all, it was just a goof, the whole thing.

Just entertainment and a bit of fun. Nothing to be bothered about from boxing fans who expected more.


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