Years ago there always seemed to exist a false narrative, of sorts, in professional boxing.

In that, fighters protected their undefeated record and ‘O’ overly so. Like their life depended on it almost.

This was never the way of course back in the day when the best boxers just fought one another all the time to establish who the best was.

Win or lose, it didn’t matter.

You could comeback.

This type of matchmaking appears to be slowly permeating through the life blood of the sport once again.

Women’s boxing sensation Ebanie Bridges proof of this recently in many ways.

Despite losing in a well recieved bout with Shannon Courtenay, her showing in the battle made her a bigger name than ever now.

Consequently also raising the profile of women’s boxing.

She made a good point in tandem with another well known female fighter Mikaela Mayer of the USA:

While boxers like Jake Paul have been criticized the above is also true. That professional boxing does exist in the show business world at the end of the day.

It always did.

But with the understanding of it being the sweet science and noble art should never be lost within that microcosm, either.

With grassroots boxing there is no big time boxing.


Talented Southpaw not happy with officials and people agree with him

Talented Southpaw Not Happy With Officials And People Agree With Him

(Photo credit: Ebanie Bridges Twitter)

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