Some rather strange claims in some quarters suggesting a professional men’s boxer in Jake Paul, or others, could take on women’s boxing champion Claressa Shields, have been addressed.

By Shields no less.

Speaking on social media of Paul’s knockout win and third professional boxing victory, and knockout, at the weekend, Shields poured cold water over the idea:

Since the win at the weekend Paul appears to have been linked with a number of boxers and those from the world of combat sports.

While it is very early on into his professional boxing career he has certainly made a lot of noise to be fair.

If nothing else.

He also appears to be taking the sport seriously and training hard so you can’t knock the endevor anymore.

Time will tell how he gets on the more he is stepped up in class and level of opponent.

He has certainly at least brought some new fans to the sport of boxing, as well.

A sport now experiencing considerable growth worldwide. The previously mentioned from Paul can’t hurt that.


Blonde stunner who won the hearts of the boxing world is spot on

Blonde Stunner Who Won The Hearts Of The Boxing World Is Spot On