As time goes on in the digital world we now live in more professional athletes continue to become self-promoters.

Whatever your opinion is on YouTuber boxer like Jake Paul for instance, you cannot criticize the size of the audience, and narrative control within it, that he has acquired.

The reality is online has now taken over and boxers are promoting themselves more than ever.

Leading women’s boxing star Claressa Shields made a good point on this to all boxers on her Twitter account:

“I hope all the boxers are paying attention. Build your brand. On all social media’s. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok.”

One only has to look as far as Australian female boxer Ebanie Bridges in recent times.

Single handedly putting genuine interest back into women’s boxing. Quite remarkable in hindsight and an anomaly of its kind.

There is a lot more needed however.

The above point from Shields a salient one for all of boxing in that regard.

If you look at the potently growing momentum boxing has had in the last year, despite the backdrop of all the adversity of the world, it is mostly down to the boxers.

Very special people indeed. When you really break it down.

As time goes on, one could perhaps expect to see more of the very well known boxers start their own promotional companies, become their own bosses and promote themselves.

Boxing promoters’ influence appears to be decreasing year after year now because of this.

While there will always be a place for some boxing promoters, certainly until fighters get to a certain level, boxers are becoming more independent all the time.

Maybe like the rest of the world too.


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