Happy Ramadan to all our Muslim readers today.

We’re in the very heart of one of the most Muslim districts at the moment in Istanbul and very good to observe this in person for the first time. Epic. Heck of a tradition. Big respect.

Forgot to mention also a happy Passover that ended recently to all our Jewish readers.

When one thinks of famous Muslim athletes of the past, Muhammad Ali springs to mind.

Of course.

He is perhaps the most well known all of all-time.

Of any sportsman.

One of the good guys and a heck fighter. A man who stood for a heck of a cause during his time.

A very tough individual with an exceptional heart, touched by God.

Alas, his humanity, humility and kindness outside the ring superseding his legend inside it.

One of his best battles came against George Foreman.

The iconic ‘Rumble In The Jungle’.

A fight Ali fooled the world and Foreman in.

Hanging back, chilling, taking a beating for a while. Observing, downloading and taking notes. No problem. Then turning on the magic to stop Foreman right at the last minute.

Foreman was recently asked what he would have done different in the fight.

Here’s what he said:

Class act.

That mentality and positive attitude unbreakable from born again Christian Foreman.

His journey on the way to being baptized again as a man and a born again Christian an inspiration. Particularly during these times.

It would be easy to take the easy way out complain and drink yourself stupid at the moment. There’s more to life. You might as well jack it all in completely then. That’s not how it goes.

Foreman’s attitude above the opposite. That’s the way it goes.


Claressa Shields reacts to old rival winning the World Title

Claressa Shields Reacts To Old Rival Winning By Impressive Knockout

It’s up to you to be the judge to get where you want to go in work or life. And to get through this situation in the world.

All work is easy work. Find what you love to do and you’ll never work a day in your life again. It is true.

Don’t expect no handouts or opportunities from anyone however. You must create your own opportunities in this new world taking shape.

Look, if you’re leading the way, you can’t follow nobody. Don’t work like that. Got to keep it pushing. All that other stuff or distractions ain’t no thing, just nonsense noise. On the outside and irrelevant.

One thinks of this classic scene from one Tony Soprano on today’s times to persevere:

Heck of an actor.

No matter what life throws at you you must keep on trucking.

Until you can’t truck no more. This stuff don’t stop until the casket drop, legal wills included.

Foreman above testiment to that.

Still to this day the oldest heavyweight champion in history.

A heck of a grill merchant too.

Here’s his fight with Ali above:


blonde boxing babe reveals brutal black eye

Beaten Blonde Boxing Babe Reveals Brutal Black Eye