Beaten but not down and out Ebanie Bridges it is safe to say won the hearts of possibly hundreds of thousands of new boxing fans around the world this past month or so.

Her shoot to stardom was unlike that seen of its kind, certainly in women’s boxing in recent memory.

Despite losing her first fight as a pro this past weekend challenging for the World Title, she showed massive heart, better than expected technical ability and that more than anything — she belonged at that level.

Certainly more big fights will await her down the line.

In the meantime, she has shown on social media the extent of her black eye on Saturday night as a battle scar:

No doubt Arturo Gatti smiled down watching the fight.

An amazing battle and weekend for women’s boxing.

While boxing takes more black eyes outside the ring than it does inside the ring, the above is a legit one inside the squared circle.

Ultimately just some swelling that will go down soon for this beautiful on the inside and outside Aussie boxing sensation.

Earned the hard way too. The right way, and one that will only take her and women’s boxing to bigger places in 2021.


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Blonde Boxing Bombshell And New World Champ Show What Boxing Is All About

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