Claressa Shields reacts to old rival winning by impressive knockout

This weekend saw women’s boxing grow as a sport once again.

An all-round big weekend for women’s boxing.

The UK’s Savannah Marshall defended her World title in style and some have mentioned she has a similar fight style even to World lineal heavyweight champion Tyson Fury.

Softly spoken outside the ring but an electric fighter inside it. Very good fighter. An outstanding display and win this weekend. Congrats on the big win. Boxing fans have been singing her praises.

More of a come forward fight to style to that of Fury.

Her stock has hugely grown in boxing this weekend.

The biggest star in world women’s boxing however, Claressa Shields lost as an amateur to Marshall but has taken notice this weekend of the win saying:

A great fight for women’s boxing to be made at some point for sure.

Some of these Brits and Europeans however, if they want to be taken seriously ever again at all moving forward, will need to show American Shields the proper respect and compensation she deserves to make the fight at the end of the day.

Shields has proven herself to be the biggest star in women’s boxing by far.

All roads lead to Shields and America ultimately.

A very, very good fight to be made down the road without doubt.

It would be huge for women’s boxing if it wants to continue to grow and prosper.


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