Patience is running thin among boxing fans at the moment looking forward to hopefully seeing an undisputed heavyweight championship showdown between Joshua and Fury.

It is taking too long and people are really starting to lose the plot now. Hurry the **** up about it for **** sake.

What a fight and look, the bloody world is in a heap, sure, there’s going to always be chopping and changing moving forward because of this new world.

So, just make the fight right now.

No time like the present.

Patience for everyone is gone now and with new temporary measures for no seating at eating places, you’d nearly lose the plot and punch some holes in walls or fists through some faces.

Best to go for a walk, looks like access to the gym soon available for a month, finally, and certainly we’ll be on here a lot for the final month before we relocate this site and will be keeping fit, strong and healthy.

Sticking with our own now, no more dealing with the politics in anything, can’t take it seriously at all as the days go on.

It’s all a load of bull.

Stick with the boxers and Americans and can’t go wrong. Some great content to come in boxing in the months ahead. Canelo vs Saunders next month promises to be an epic fight. Ruiz vs Arreola will be a war while it lasts too.

Gym soon for sanity thank God. Nearly there now. A long journey.

Fook this, going for a bite to eat and enjoying the sun. Fook it.

We’ll be back on here in a couple of days.

Fook all this waiting around. Plenty of work to do in the coming week and this month ahead.

Hopefully Fury vs Joshua will be made. Boring now.