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Istanbul and Turkey Getting Behind Their Own For Canelo Fight Tonight

Many in America and the West might not know much about Canelo Alvarez’ opponent tonight.

Fighting in Miami, Florida.

Avni Yildirim is his name.

Make no mistake. He is well supported.

In his home country no less. By his own fellow countrymen and countrywomen.

Nothing warms and touches my heart more.

Great to see a country get behind one of their own here. One of their finest champions.

Check this out. Take a look at the below.

Re-tweeted by promoter of tonight’s event Eddie Hearn of Matchroom Sport:

Pretty cool.

Just in Istanbul myself at the moment temporarily. In transit. On route finally home to America soon.

Love it here. Very impressed. Very real place and people. Very humble too. Very good.

Will definitely come back on a vacation one day.

Didn’t get the budget trips to Russia, Ukraine, Sicily or Jerusalem in the end before going home to America.

This makes up for it though. Final pit stop in Istanbul was a really unexpected blessing.

Just staying in the heart of a Muslim district at the moment. Have been really looked after here.

Looking back on it all after a crazy amount of travel on buses across countries, and one or two cheap flights this past 15 months or so, kind of missed the ole Bulgarians and Italians recently on the last leg of this cheap budget travel this past while.

On route finally going home to America soon, thank God. Three years of debilitating home sickness and isolation from my people in the USA nearly over now. Just got to stay patient and stay busy for now.


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As for the above two.

Both very cool places and people too. Bulgarians very unique. Italian people always will have special place in my heart.

Like the ole Irish (particularly them more than anyone) and English too.

But this one though. Turkey.


Has really blown me away on the last leg of this budget travel before going home to America.


Great vibe here. Highly recommended. Awesome place and people.

The above scenes are great for tonight’s fight.

After speaking to some locals here they explained how they really like to get behind their fighters and boxers like Avni.

Very good.

The fighting spirit here is excellent.

Over the last year of finishing working on myself and reoptimizing the machine, getting better, living cheap, volunteering and working more part-time on this site, still doing big numbers when I chose to, I am now back trying hard and my best to work full-time again. In this boxing and sport media entrepreneurship venture.

We spoke about on here before how the West and the East were meeting closer than ever. In the media and sport world. Perhaps indicative of other aspects of humanity pertinent to today’s times in the world.

In that, how boxing brings people together from all nations due to the international nature of the sport and what the sport represents.


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This is happened quicker than I even thought though. Everything is unfolding in real time now speeding up faster and faster. Wow. Pretty cool.

Humbly speaking, didn’t think all my predictions would come true this fast all it once.

To be actually in the place right now where the West is currently meeting and directly intersecting with nations in the East, in terms of flights only mainly going from here in Istanbul both from the East and West due to the world situation travel restrictions, is a bit surreal in truth.

Damn. Pretty cool.

Don’t underestimate this Turkish fighter tonight.

Certainly if he is anything to go off based on this place and people. No way.

He will come to fight for real. And to win.

Avni Yildrim of Istanbul holds a professional boxing record of 21-2-12KO at this time.

Here is in action in 2019 when he fought Anthony Dirrell:

(Hat tip PBC Boxing YouTube)

Enjoy tonight’s fight live on DAZN.


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