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The biggest star in the sport of boxing is fighting this weekend but where the heck is all the buzz, sentiment and excitement for the fight?


Everyone just seems to be talking about Teofimo Lopez.

We know, humbly speaking, a thing or two about numbers, promotions and marketing.

I’ve seen numbers before for Canelo when he was boxing on HBO a few years ago for example.

Those translated into huge numbers online across all verticals in the United States and further afield worldwide.

His last fight there was a change for the first time though.

The numbers and buzz for him had dramatically declined.

Not because his brand had diminished. No, no.

Actually, he’s a bigger star today than he was years ago.

All things considering on the balance of probabilities.

Sadly, it was because simply not as many were watching his fight as a few years ago.

A time when he was fighting on pay per view against the likes of Floyd Mayweather back in the day and after that, for example.

We want everyone to win in boxing ultimately. For real, for real.

It is good when all the promoters and platforms do well in the sport as this has a knock effect for everyone in the growth of the entire sport of boxing.

The more the merrier.

We’ve spoken on here before about the importance of the sport of boxing for humanity.

Particularly at times like this for the world where fighting spirit is needed now more than ever by everyone to persevere and endure these times.

Canelo fights on fledgling app (in America specifically) DAZN tonight but no one is talking about his fight, which is a bit sad really.

DAZN looks like a brilliant idea for the future down the road and all that to be fair, certainly internationally, but can only speak on the fact that numbers don’t lie in America and this fight week has been a catastrophic disaster beyond repair and beyond the point of return for Canelo in America specifically — in terms of build up hype from numbers tracked in America — which would guide trends worldwide too.

Huge respect for Englishman and boxing promoter Eddie Hearn and his team at company Matchroom.

Really, really good people.

I understand and empathize with them more than anyone at what has happened this week.

They are tying their best in fairness but sadly the biggest fighter in the sport and pound for pound don Canelo Alvarez has surely seen this now.

He will likely box on Fox later in the year I suspect at some point.

Reality is coming very soon.

As an official member of the press now having received our international credentials, look forward to promoting this great sport much more in due course.



How Golovkin Paved The Way For New Generation In Kazakhstan

How Golovkin Paved The Way For New Generation In Kazakhstan

Everything taking shape as expected it would in the beginning, was right about everything at the end.

Too early to put a star of that size on purely OTT platforms without the help of linear, shoulder programming, activation and regular TV at the moment.

You can have all the money in the world but to be the very best of the best you need much more than just that to win the battle.

In the end.

Still though, roll on tonight’s fight.

Really looking forward to it.

Very happy and excited to see the number one fighter in the sport go back to work tonight.

Just in Istanbul temporarily at the moment, love this Istanbul and Turkey place and the way they have gotten behind their fighter facing Alvarez tonight in America.

Love the fighting spirit here. Brilliant. Great people.

Roll on tonight’s fight.


Lennox Lewis Finally Agrees With Mike Tyson On Something

Lennox Lewis Finally Agrees With Mike Tyson On Something

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