People Are Not Happy With The Matchmaking For Canelo Tonight

People Are Not Happy With The Matchmaking For Canelo Tonight

Look, you can’t write off anyone in boxing.

You just can’t.

One punch can change anything.

That said, our job on here is to promote the sport’s interests in as fair and balanced a way as possible pertaining to the things we deem that matter.

Basically stuff of interest to American sport fans first.

The stuff that does big numbers mainly. Don’t care about stuff that doesn’t interest sport fans.

Also we do the very unique stuff and under reported stuff when time and resources permit like women’s boxing.

And of course — last but not least — grass roots boxing.

We don’t answer to nobody. Fook um all.

Unlike many.

After talking about earlier how there is a lack of buzz for tonight’s Canelo fight, the sentiment has been clear on another factor from sport fans.

The opponents Canelo has been facing in recent times.

Fair point.

Probably the last time Canelo was really put in there with someone who pushed him was Danny Jacobs in 2019.

After tonight he’ll need to be put in there next up with another legit challenge later in the year.

Whether that be Saunders, Charlo, Plant, Munguia or Benavidez etc.

It should also be pointed out for balance that Canelo fighting in of itself is also important for the sport.

As boxing’s biggest star.

Boxing like all professional sport has had to cut back on costs and work hard to keep going and stay alive during these times we are living in at the moment.

There is a lot more important stuff going on in the world obviously and boxing has done a good job for the most part.

It is an important sport for humanity for obvious reasons, consequently.

The fact he is at least fighting tonight under the world situation that has caused fights to fall out left, right and center in recent times, is good, still.

It is important that he stays busy for boxing as boxing’s biggest star, pound for pound number one currently and number one pay per view attraction.

But, better opposition next up.

Simple as that.

Roll on tonight’s fight firstly however.


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