The harder one works the better results you get when it comes to training.

Or anything in life really.

That much is obvious.

But the work ethic some of these professional boxers put in before their fights is on another level.

It really is.

As boxers get older they need train a little smarter as the body doesn’t recover as quickly as it once did.

Former heavyweight champion George Foreman knew all about this as he became the oldest heavyweight champion in history (45).

Here is the sickening workout he did before that bout:

Power comes from the legs at the end of the day.

That is quite a brutal training regime in fairness above.

Not for the faint of heart.

He went on after the comeback to win of course by stopping Moorer.

Inside the distance.

Here’s how he did it:


Mike Tyson Erupts Causing Aa Wave Of Unsubscribes From Hulu

Mike Tyson Erupts Causing A Wave Of Unsubscribes From Hulu