Mike Tyson Erupts Causing A Wave Of Unsubscribes From Hulu

The Walt Disney company was just about starting to get back on its feet.

However, expect a sharp decline in part of its balance sheet now in terms of one of its new core digital businesses’ offerings making a big mistake.

Streaming service Hulu. Part of the group and jointly owned by Comcast’s NBC Universal.

They have apparently commissioned (illegally) a series on former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson.

Doing so without his or his team’s consent or agreed compensation.

One suspects the correct legal team are going to handle these particular gentlemen in Hollywood quite appropriately in due course.

The PR damage and business damage to their offering already has hit them hard in their wallets.

Big mistake by them.

Mike Tyson explained the situation on Instagram:

“Hulu’s announcement to do an unauthorized mini-series of the Tyson story without compensation, although unfortunate, isn’t surprising. This announcement on the heels of social disparities in our country is a prime example of how Hulu’s corporate greed led to this tone-deaf cultural misappropriation of the Tyson life story. To make this announcement during Black History Month only confirms Hulu’s concern for dollars over respect for black story rights. Hollywood needs to be more sensitive to black experiences especially after all that has transpired in 2020. The real Mike Tyson authorized story is in development and will be announced in coming days. Hulu to announce stealing a black athletes story during Black History month couldn’t be more inappropriate or tone deaf.”

Once again, Hollywood showing why some aspects of their industry are in such terminal decline.

People have a terrible view of aspects of Hollywood already. How do you expect this news to go down?

How can people support a service like this going forward is anyone’s guess due to the unacceptable nature of their actions.

These incompetents will pay a big price indeed.

Already many online are flocking from the service following the news breaking.

Voting with their dollars.

This really is a consumer’s market online now.

Rightly so.


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