Genius Reaction To George Foreman Getting Covid Vaccine

The older generation in society are now starting to receive a response to the current world situation.

In boxing attention has turned to some of the sport’s legends in this regard.

The older guard are priority in receiving any help at the moment.

Rightly so.

There seems to be a lot of pointless fear in the world at the moment.

All fear is nonsense in truth.

Call fear as the failed idea that it is, what you will.

Worry. Stress. Anxiety. Alarm. Panic. Distress.

Or whatever other bull flavor of the month or bogus agenda calls it.

The world might suggest the above as normal but they’re not. They are false lies.

In that fear itself is a lie.

It’s just the work of the devil. A liar and a coward. Nothing to be scared of at all. God is the only thing to fear.

Former heavyweight champion and born again Christian George Foreman leading the way with a smile at the moment:


Once a fighter always a fighter.

One boxing fan had perhaps the most genius response in some time:

Quite brilliant to be fair.

Hats off.

We spoke recently on here about the current stock market being driven by fear.

Much of the wider world as a whole appears to be to having a similar response.

No need. Don’t have to.

Fear is a lie.


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How To Throw A Left Hook Using Correct And Proper Technique

Just like the devil.

He was a liar and a coward since the beginning.

He’ll be dealt with at the end.

What a beautiful day that will be.

Wish it was today.

Between then and now keep the faith.

Keep being good.

Be kind to one another.

We are commanded to love thy neighbor as thyself.

People in all nations should be friendly and respectful with one another.

Despite any differences. Put them aside.

Put on the full armor of God for discernment.

Once you are true to God and yourself that eliminates any perception of the false fear concept.

One thinks of 1 Samuel 16:7 in this regard.

God knows your heart.

The best communication tool you have with him.

We don’t bother paying any attention to world trends or bull agendas on here.

Team God enough for us.


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Romans 12:2 good too. Further to the above sentiment.

As for big George Foreman in the ring and the jab.

He had a heck of a jab.

Here’s how he used the most important punch in boxing to good effect:

(Hat tip haNZAgod YouTube)


We’ll be talking about how to throw the jab soon as part of our fundamentals of boxing series.

The most important punch in boxing without doubt.


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