Mike Tyson Gets Deep About Tiger Woods, Winning and His Best Fight

Former heavyweight champion of the world Mike Tyson has been on fire lately.


He’s created arguably one of the biggest sport and pop culture podcasts in America.

In the world even. Over the last year alone. Remarkable stuff.

Way faster growth than Joe Rogan’s for its time, too.

An array of guests from all walks of life and professional backgrounds.

It is not surprising to see the humble Tyson achieve more success outside the ring than he ever did with his fists.

It is expected in the coming days that young boxers Ryan Garcia and Teofimo Lopez should appear on the show ‘Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson’.

Co-hosted by the excellent Eben Britton.

Former NFL football player and good combination with Tyson.

The show’s proprietor spoke recently on another well known sportsman.

Golfer Tiger Woods no less. A fearless competitor in his field as well.

Indeed, Tyson knows about the false prophets and erroneous trappings of non important fame in the grand scheme of things.

Like Woods.

Woods, like Tyson, a complex person and true fighter and competitor, came back from adversity in his life and career to capture the US Masters once again.

Something I knew he’d bloody do damn it. I think he’ll go close if not beat Nicklaus’ major record.

Tyson when speaking on the achievement by Woods said at the end of the day it was something only Woods knew:

“The only one who believed (he would comeback) it was Tiger.”

Many criticized Woods in his younger days for his outside marital affairs but realistically if you had that much money, fame and many hot women throwing themselves at you, as a younger man, it would be hard to turn down.

Not to justify it, mind you.

All in all, that Swedish girl he married in Ireland was a good woman by all accounts — they are hard to find — so he definitely screwed that up to be fair.

Tyson went further about the winning mentality of he and sport stars like Woods.

He went deep on the subject really.

In only a way he can.


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In that, after a sportsman retires it is in fact what he learned from competition in his professional career that he takes into the next phase of his life:

“To stay in competition (what does it mean)? Competition is not like, I am better than you. It is to teach us as we get mature that we won’t give in under the slightest struggle in life.”

Makes you think.

I know in my own life I was always a winner and obsessed with winning.

Beating the crap out of the competition for fun, fight to the death and just in general love fighting. It’s my favorite thing in the world to do.

I don’t view things as competition anymore as it is too easy in truth to beat what perceived competitors’ modus of operandi or scope of what they think winning is.

I just care what God, I and my family in America think. That’s it. Keeping it real.

Everything is easy in life to me outside of my Achilles heel of having an addictive personality. God’s got me now. All good. No letting go between now and the end.

Maybe all that above makes me a bit of an odd ball but what the heck. It is what it is.

I used to think it was all me winning and beating everything all the time, always been proved right in everything but then I realized that it was God. That realization superseded all common logic and science for me, of which, I still find useful but nothing remotely close to the word of God.

I used to question why is it possible for a man to be this humanly strong in all ways after hurting myself physically and mentally for so long with addiction, to then somehow keep coming back stronger after adversity each time until one day I just knew it was God all along. Something happened with God directly that I know he’s real. I can’t put into human words.

We’re not in control as much as you might think. Trust me. God’s in control.

In conclusion, good old Mike is right you know. About winning, that is.

You can’t win all the damn time.

Everyone takes a loss at some point in life but it’s about how you comeback. Never bother reacting to anything.

Success is the best form of revenge and if you are you’re own boss you can literally call all the shots, move all the chess pieces and make things happen very quickly.

Bloody heck, when I think of all the chumps and liars I met in life that I could have crushed and their businesses/livelihoods affected now if I wanted to.

While the chips are down for them.

I never did though or would bother.

It makes me laugh really.

Isn’t it funny.

That’s where good and evil lies. It’s choice.

God gave man a choice going back to Adam and Eve. You’re writing your book one choice at a time.


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That’s life in my opinion but heck, I don’t know nothing.

Era, as for the above sentiment, that’s not what God wants. It’s not about doing what you want as much as what God wants.

Then do what you want with choice at that point.

At least, I’ve found the older I’ve gotten in life works best but can only speak for myself.

Anything is possible. It really is.

If you just believe in yourself and put God first.

Happiness doesn’t exist. It’s just a pursuit. That’s all.

I think of the US Declaration of Independence drafted in 1776 in this unbreakable foothold of thought, in that, of the process when reconciling humanity with the ultimate word that supersedes everything for me.

The word of God in the New Testament.

Hence on the word pursuit of happiness in the aforementioned, though.

Like people, all nations should be sovereign and independent in my humble opinion.

No surrender. No retreat. Put on the full armor of God in times of trouble. Works like a charm every time. Patiently endure until the end. Resist the devil and he will flee.

I’ve only found that real peace and contentment can truly be achieved through the son of God, Jesus Christ, in my own meandering experiences in this world. You don’t need anything of the world really other than that I’ve discovered. It’s sad really to see what some bad apples in denominations like the Catholic church did to the perception of Christianity today. Some of those people don’t represent Christianity at all. No way.

There was nothing wrong with any religions in the beginning, it is what the people did in the name of religions that was wrong. Moreover, that can applied to unethical extreme and evil actions done in the name of any ideology not consummate with benefiting humanity.

God never made up the word religion anyway, it’s not in the Bible New Testament. That was a man made word created over time in the 16th and 17th century.

As for the irrelevant noise of today’s times…

The purpose of marketing and advertising is to make humans feel bad about themselves to the point of wanting to have something they think they need but really don’t. Don’t believe the hype.

The old uncle was right about everything growing up. Good old Billy boy, hope you are well wherever on this Earth you are now. Only put your full trust in God. People more often than not will let you down. That’s just the human condition unfortunately.

In spite of it, once you have established your own tribe, be good to one another though and help and inspire each other. Humans are all we have at the end of the day, as limited and flawed as they are.

So much bull on social media and some mainstream media these days.

It’s hilariously amateur stuff really. I’m baffled how people take any of it seriously.

It’s the quiet guys behind the scenes that most people never see coming that you really have to watch out for in life.

Don’t pay attention to media or social media as much as you think. It’s not real.

A lot of it is garbage and used to manipulate the minds of the weak minded and less intelligent.

This is where humility comes in as you get older in this life, after so much experience in life around the world.

In this mad, crazy world of 2021.

Ignore the bull of the enemy with all the lies, deception, diversion and distractions out there.

Satan was always a liar. God is the truth. There really is nothing at all to worry about or fear in life other than God.

The good guys win at the end — just keep following the word and the path.

In conclusion to this deep segment from Tyson, he wrapped it up by speaking later in the podcast when he revealed what his best fight he ever had was.

No, not what you might think.

Not Berbick.

Not Razor Ruddock.

Nor any from his young days in his prime in fact.

One that no one knows about.

Before he was even a prizefighter even:

“I don’t know. When I was 16 I fought this man in Boston. I was 15, 16 or something and he must have been 20. He beat me but it was close. But I just felt like I fought my best fight then.”

Fascinating stuff.

He added:

“Everyone gave me a standing ovation. I lied about my age. They knew who I was. I was on the stage. I was a young guy. I just won the National Championships twice. Everyone thought I was a God. I was 15 or 16. He was just such an intelligent fighter. Never fought a guy like that. I said, wow. It was a great fight. Everybody gave a standing ovation. He won but I just thought that was my greatest performance. I gave it all I had. I cried all the way home from Boston to New York. Sorry, Rhode Island to New York. I cried all the way home.”

Powerful stuff.

Afer everything Tyson overcame and achieved in life perhaps the last sentence or so summed up the gravity of it all.

Of why that fight represented his best for him.

Because as he said, he gave it everything he had.

There is nothing more anyone can ask someone of on this Earth.

Roll on the Teofimo Lopez and Ryan Garcia podcasts.

Due out shortly.


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