Tyson Fury Promoter Claims Deontay Wilder Pulled A Donald Trump

Tyson Fury Promoter Claims Deontay Wilder Pulled A Donald Trump

As 2021 commences the jostling for position between the relevant parties in the heavyweight division is underway in the sport of boxing.

The boxing industry like any sport or business has seen adverse impacts on its economic performance.

Due to what can only be described as unforeseen circumstances in the world at the moment.

A force majeure clause or act of God in most jurisdictions.

Jewish businessman, boxing promoter, lawyer and all round interesting human Robert Arum, promoter of lineal heavyweight champion Tyson Fury — at 89 years young is still going strong.

He’s weighed in on the situation with former WBC champion Deontay Wilder.

Fury stopped Wilder inside the distance last time out.

February of last year.

Not long before the sport of boxing went on hiatus due to the current situation in the world.

Wilder has since made various purported comments regarding Fury and members of his team.

And his own team no less.

It is understood he has made changes to his team since the bout.

Speaking on Barbershop Conversations Arum said Fury has no interest in giving Wilder a third fight:

“He (Fury) has said to me and to the mediator. Not today. Not tomorrow. And not ever will he ever fight Wilder. After what Wilder said to him. He regards it as a slur not only against him — but against the Gypsy nation.”

Referring to Wilder’s post rematch comments in late 2020.

Arum said Wilder essentially pulled a Donald Trump on Fury earlier in the year.

Typical boxing.

We don’t take sides in any of this garbage.


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As regards a third fight between Wilder and Fury.

The more time goes on the less likely it looks.

As for the Trump comparison make of it what you will.

Donald Trump was removed from many of the major tech platforms this week.

Once again, politics and all these bull agendas of no interest. Team God enough for us.

It’s easy to kick people when they are down in any business.

Or walk of life.

As some people are probably finding out right about now though when those people get back up they’re fooked.

If you take the emotion of out the big tech players’ move this week.

Look at the purely business point.

Numbers don’t lie. Markets don’t lie.

Nearly fifty billion dollars were chopped off some of their values by investors already.

Not including the loss of earnings due to reduced eyeballs from advertisers.

Some ethical questions of some of these platforms no doubt will be asked in Congress shortly.

In terms of are they public traded companies or private publishing businesses.

Certainly they are set up as public entities at the moment.

At least one of their owners seems to be ethical.

Perhaps he will take the lead on this with big tech during the ongoing investigations into said entities.

The internet.

A good idea in the beginning.

It’s a bit sad really.

It has become a poisonous place now.

One I’m getting sick of all the time as the days go on. Miss home, America. What I’d give to be ringside now back in America at a big fight.

This internet and Europe stuff has gotten old now. Tired of it.

Checked in with a big internet company today. Number one again in America. Same old same old. Still the best in the world at all this stuff just bored and sick of all this crap now.

As for big tech.

Investors hit them where they hurt most this week.

Their wallets.

No doubt more to come soon.

New competition and media businesses look like they will be introduced in the market place shortly.

Likely more from the East. Maybe some from the West.

The East is meeting the West sooner than I even thought.

Business is business.

As for the boxing industry.

It has been hit like any commercial business.

Arum above has also come in for some flack recently.

Pertaining to only offering Keith Thurman and Shawn Porter a million bucks to fight Terence Crawford.

Respectfully I’d defend Bob.

Boxing is in oblivion currently.

Without gate revenue and closed circuit.

Less demand for pay per view too.

Subscription model the same if not worse.

Largely due to the world crisis continuing to exasperate at this particular time.

Moreover, the advisor to the two aforementioned.

American entertainment, music and sport entrepreneur Alan Haymon no doubt has been effected with PBC Boxing too.

Particularly when you consider music tours around the world have been decimated.

Like Drake and other well known artists for example.

Boxing will continue however.

It always does.

It can come back from anything.

Fighting is in our DNA as humans.

Since the fall of man after Adam and Eve.

It was here just after that.

It will be around at the end of the world too.

Just like the Book of Revelations said it would.

Predicting everything at the moment unfolding daily in the world right in front of our very eyes.

God is in control.

Keep the faith, look after yourselves and be good to one another.

Some decent fights will be there to look forward to in boxing.

Sooner rather than later.

Some travel bans have been dropped for the Spring in the East already.

More in the West to follow soon.


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