Watch: Conor McGregor Gets Brutally Knocked Out

On another quiet weekend of boxing the fight game turned its attention once again to Irish combat sports star Conor McGregor.

One time pro boxer in a fight with Floyd Mayweather a few years back.

A bout he lost inside the distance making his pro boxing debut.

In recent months he was once again offered a path into professional boxing in a whacky bout against YouTuber Jake Paul.

A sign of the times perhaps.

Tonight getting back to his bread and butter in the sport of mixed martial arts McGregor suffered a devastating defeat however.

It was the fifth defeat in the MMA career of McGregor.

His first by knockout:

(Hat tip Wonderboy Twitter)

One has to wonder will he bother fighting on after making so much money for himself in recent years.

Not just inside combat sports but with highly successful ventures outside of it.

Such as his whiskey ‘Proper 12’.

That said, at 32 he’s still a young man.

Don’t expect this to be the last you’ll hear of him.

Either inside an MMA cage in the UFC or a boxing ring.

A bout with Manny Pacquiao in boxing has also being mentioned as a possibility.

Here’s how he reacted to the loss tonight:

(Hat tip UFC YouTube)


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