Mike Tyson Keeps It Real On Life

Mike Tyson Keeps It One Hundred About Life

Youngest heavyweight boxing champion in history Mike Tyson has been on a transformative roll in recent times.

Since his fight, well, exhibition with Roy Jones Jr., Tyson continues to grow as a brand and a star around the world.

Long removed from his ferocious fighting days, now a more wise, humble and calm individual.

One of life’s great survivors and most certainly a warrior of God.

Speaking during a dark time for the world Tyson summed up life perhaps as well as any fighter in recent times:


Wise words.

The older you get in life the more you start losing stuff.

That’s just the way it goes. That’s life.

Most people make grand plans for life while it passes them by.

Only noticing the stuff they lose or bad stuff happening when it happens to them.

Sometimes bad things happen to good people but it’s all part of God’s plan in the end.

Loss is an unfortunate but unavoidable part of life.

Particularly the loss of a loved one. It’s unexplainable perhaps in words.

That pain and grief never truly goes away in truth. You just learn to live with it.

You’d give anything to hear her voice when it comes to immediate family members for example.

Anything, anything to meet and see that woman.

All the dark years much worse than hell of hurting and abusing yourself in hundreds if not thousands of ways with addiction to anything, as anything can be addictive in truth, never truly fills the empty hole inside — life just gets a little easier as time goes on and God gives you peace.

No amount of prison-like isolation or debilitating loneliness spending so much time away from the people you love cannot be fixed by God in our humble opinion, through God all things possible.

The thing is though, which most people don’t realize until they are near the very end, is that God’s light is much more powerful than any demonic addiction or compulsive behaviors like over eating, the former term just a made up human word anyway referred to as simply a stronghold in the Bible. God and the son of God, Jesus Christ, obliterates all that in our view.

No amount of trauma, heart ache, grief and pain can’t be fixed by God, seriously, for real for real. It doesn’t have to be complicated either, all humans can overcome anything if they truly want to bad enough. God sets you free. Trusting in God is magic.

Era, the ole humans are an interesting creature, habitual in nature largely, all they need is a bit of hope, discipline and perseverance.

Era, sure we don’t know anything.

Tyson certainly does though above. With his life experience that is.

As Tyson points out above it’s how you pick yourself back up again and again no matter what. Each time getting stronger and wiser.

Fight to the death and that’s it. Enjoy fighting every second of fighting the good fight along the way. Simple.

Helping yourself and others in doing so, era, isn’t that what life is all about.

The journey of ups and downs to learn humility and respect for one another and never worrying about anything as in the end — we’re of no importance if not for God.

This life is short but eternity is forever.

Any professional fighter will tell you they fight for prizes. For money.

Patiently enduring until the end until the ultimate prize of all.

The prize of meeting loved ones and being reunited in heaven within the Kingdom of God for all times.

This life is only very short in comparison, after all.

Keep going. As Tyson says above, you have to keep fighting in the battleground of life. Never give up.

There’s always a big prize on offer at the end.

Following the son of God, Jesus Christ, can get you there — just our old two cents.

Respectfully, each to their own of course — got to be respectful of all people regardless of anything or any differences — being friendly and respectful with all people surely key to peace and humility in life — between all people in all nations.

The sport of boxing really is an incredibly powerful inspiration in this regard for many human beings and a great outlet for people for their health around the world.

Particularly with what is going on in the world. Humans require hope and discipline to persevere at times like this for the world.

Boxing directly and indirectly provides this in a way for humans that perhaps no other sport does.

The good boxing does for humanity and societies in every country undeniable.

It will comeback stronger as a sport from this.

It always does.