It has emerged that Bulgarian warrior Kubrat Pulev in months before his heavyweight title fight against Anthony Joshua had been suffering with Covid-19.

Considering this, Joshua’s win perhaps does not look as impressive as previously thought.

Surely the handlers of Tyson Fury will want that fight with Anthony Joshua even more now.

Pulev, the older fighter, had only lost once as a professional fighter in his career prior to that.

No doubt the Bulgarian warrior will look to get another fight of note before the end of the year.

Dillian Whyte of the UK has been mentioned as a possibility.

Pulev’s slightly younger brother, an undefeated cruiserweight Tervel Pulev (15-0-12 KO) also returns to action.

Later this month in fact.

He takes on Vikapita Meroro January 29th in Tanzania, East Africa.

Tervel Pulev holds the WBA international cruiserweight title at this time.

Tervel appears to be a talented fighter that has gone under the radar.

We hope that all real Bulgarians around the world will be supporting both Pulev brothers in this year’s fight campaigns.

Tervel appears to have a similar fight style to Kubrat.

Faster hands though. Slightly more methodical. Measures with the jab and a fast straight right hand over the shoulder.

Intelligent fighter overall.

Some respectful observations. Maybe needs to step out a bit quicker when he commits with combinations on the inside.

Not hang around in the pocket too long. Don’t have to.

Quick combinations — box a bit more and get out — then go back in with whatever phase of attack is next.

From watching the Mitch Williams fight in 2019, main thing I could see to watch out for was the straight left hand down the middle when he was too stationary a target.

That was from the southpaw stance of Williams but same applies to an orthodox fighter really.

Maybe a bit lighter on his feet too. A little more footwork perhaps.

As for his brother Kubrat.

For those that didn’t see the recent fight involving Joshua and Pulev here are the full Anthony Joshua vs Kubrat Pulev fight video highlights:

(Hat tip DAZN Boxing YouTube)


Tyson Fury Unleashes On Anthony Joshua After Modern Day Great Claim

Tyson Fury Unleashes On Anthony Joshua After Modern Day Great Claim

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