Tyson Fury Unleashes On Anthony Joshua After Modern Day Great Claim

Tyson Fury Unleashes On Anthony Joshua After Modern Day Great Claim

Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury appear to be on a course towards a titanic heavyweight clash of epic proportions at a future date to be determined in due course.

Fury may have to fight Deontay Wilder in a third fight first however pending ongoing litigation.

One thing I’ve noticed about Joshua when he has to weather this trolling from Fury, is that, he never bites back.

Very admirable to be fair. Class act.

One gets the sense though that he really wants to dig the head off Fury at this stage.

Fury, on the other hand, probably knows this.

This would play into Fury’s hands too in getting Joshua so angry that he’d forget any game plan on the night.

The latest tirade from ‘The Gypsy King’ has been forthcoming as the following:

Crafty Fury.

No doubt though if the two meet in the ring in the future AJ will keep a cool, calm head.

He will have a plan with his trainer Robert McCracken.

Latest sentiment suggests the fights in the UK at the moment are being moved abroad due to the ongoing situation.

Time will tell where this fight ends up, if, it happens at all.

Quick update on this site folks. We are finally up and running technically with everything now.

Finally got the Irish flag removed and replaced with the American one today on my content and intellectual property online.

Thanks to a great team.

I will always be grateful for starting out in Ireland but America is where the heart is and where the people I consider my family are now.

The change to the flag of the USA was a big day for me spiritually. Thank God. USA all day.

Adios and good riddance to those European Union morons. Eggheads. Numpties. Simpletons. Poindexters.

Terrible German French Brussels etc. project and concept to begin with just like they’re latest European army trash can, stock markets in the East and West will deal with their economic short sighted approach in due course:

I predicted a lot of this stuff years ago, once again proved right. Bloody sick of people around the world asking me for my opinions on all this politics garbage.

God is in control of everything at the end of the day. Follow the son of God Jesus Christ and everything works out in the end. Don’t worry about nothing with all the spiritual war stuff in the world going on at the moment between good and evil, angels and demons, God will look after everything as time enfolds.

The good guys win in the end.

Just finally on those goons in the EU, UK dead right not to deal with those simpletons anymore. Brits getting battered and the head kicked off them in markets at moment but I think medium-long-term, like keeping the pound and declining the euro, they’ll be proved right and will be grand.

Just some short-term pain given the current climate in the world presently, moreover.

Italy next to leave the EU I propose. I know the Italians, a great people, will do the right thing. Ah, sure, I don’t know anything. Don’t mind me.

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Boxing is going to have a very, very bright future this year.

Continue to be good to one another folks and look after yourselves at this particular time.

A lot to be bloody grateful for if you’re alive and still breathing this oxygen stuff. It can all end at anytime.

Roll on what will be an epic year for entire the sport.